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Chicago, IL

As a storyteller you find yourself in different places, in different situations, and with different people constantly.

My stories started innocently enough in Miami where I was born to wonderful Cuban immigrants. I learned my craft at the University of Florida where I earned a degree in journalism and studied photojournalism and videography. I covered music, local issues, and sports for publications like The Gainesville Sun, Reax magazine, and The Fine Print where I was a contributor when it won Best New Publication from Campus Progress.

My time covering music at UF lead me to traveling the country with local Gainesville band Morningbell after I graduated to shoot a documentary that I'm currently editing. 

To learn more about documentary I worked as the Digital Arts and Publishing Intern at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. I assisted in the producetion and marketing of such books as Iraq | Perspectives, Colors of Confinement, In This Timeless Time, and One Place. In addition, I co-edited the festival program for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.  

I currently find myself newly married and searching for more stories in Chicago. If you have a story or adventure shoot me an email at

Cooking Up Songs

Gainesville musician Devon Vlasin, 30, knows how to make it big in the music industry. You have to move to a big city, play a lot of shows you don’t want to play, and sing some covers. Instead Vlasin is the kitchen manager at Cafe Gardens who one night will play in front of twenty people and another night can play in front of 300, and he wouldn’t want any other way.

Vlasin only works to be able to play his music. His country-rock songs reflect his environment of working doubles at restaurants and driving with US 441 in the rear-view. His only goal is to share his environment with the world, and doing it on his terms.